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Watch the video to see how the Physician Services Agreement affects your billing beginning Oct. 1, 2022. Then click “Book a Demo” to learn how easy it is to incorporate video visits into your practice.

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Banty Virtual Clinic is one of a few virtual medical platforms that have been fully validated by Ontario Health for full OHIP billing under the new Physician Services Agreement. Banty is PHIPA and HIPAA compliant, making it legal and secure to use across Canada and the United States. Banty is also ISO 27001 compliant as verified by an independent third party auditor.

Banty case studies show an over 20% increase in total patient visits in a workday on the Banty Virtual clinic platform. By mirroring in person encounters, the doctor comes in at the end of the visit and addresses any remaining issues, thus improving physician efficiency. The allied healthcare providers can address issues that physicians would have to do themselves on other platforms.

Banty provides a live, virtual tutorial to you and your clinic staff to instruct them on booking virtual appointments, and the process overall is very easy. Each uses their email address to log into Banty. Clinic staff and care providers can become comfortable with the process within a day.

When signing up for a Banty Virtual Clinic account, the clinic gets to create a custom URL (e.g., Banty.com/DrJohnSmith). This is the only link a patient will need to use in order to begin their online doctor’s appointment. The custom URL can be edited over time. If this happens, though, please inform patients that how they access their telehealth video conferencing appointments has changed.

Banty Virtual Clinic mirrors the brick and mortar operations of Family Health Teams and other medical clinics to seamlessly take the entire clinical team online. Banty allows for a team-based video approach where the admin staff and allied healthcare professionals can complete most of the visit, which consists of health card entry, charting, education and reviewing the patient’s medications. Banty allows for synchronously sharing patient visits among care providers, just like your clinic today.

Patients are happy because they have a comprehensive visit with their favourite healthcare providers including the educational tools that were previously not utilized by physicians due to time constraints. Banty reinforces a comprehensive care experience while delivering better patient outcomes and saving doctors time.

Banty does not replace your EMR, so the way you document visits with patients doesn’t change. The only requirement is a regular internet connection, webcam, and speakers or headphones. There’s no software to download for you or your patients.

The Activity Log stores basic information about your past visits, but there is no recording functionality available in order to protect the privacy of both provider and patient. We recommend documenting the visit in real time in your chosen EMR.

Now's the time to transition to video over telephone—before the Physician Services Agreement affects your billing.

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