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Join a leading study on Atrial Fibrillation where everything comes to you—nurse visits, medications, and more. Your health, our focus.

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What participation involves

Why participate in OCEANIC-AF?

Meet the expert

Dr. Rick Tytus, Director of Premier Clinical Trial Network, is Pioneering aFib Research

Trust in experience: Dr. Rick Tytus, a renowned and award-winning physician

Dr. Richard Tytus practised as a GP anesthetist for five years before shifting his focus to family medicine in Hamilton. Dr. Tytus practices in Caledonia, Ontario on a part-time basis as well. An associate clinical professor at McMaster University, he also serves as a director on the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) Board. Dr. Tytus has been recognized as the Family Physician of the Year by the Ontario College of Family Physicians. Practicing in Hamilton, he brings decades of experience to our study, ensuring you’re in qualified hands.

How it works

Simplified steps to participate in the OCEANIC-AF study from home

Complete an initial questionnaire to determine whether you meet the basic criteria for participation. This involves questions related to your atrial fibrillation condition and general health status.

If eligible, a certified study nurse will visit your home to perform necessary tests, including an ECG and blood tests, as part of the screening phase.

After successfully passing the initial assessments, you’ll be officially enrolled in the study. A comprehensive study treatment plan will be laid out for you, and all required study medications will be delivered directly to your home by a special courier service.

Scheduled visits via telephone will occur approximately every 3 months. You’ll be asked to report any new symptoms, medication changes, or side effects. Scheduled nurse visits will take place to monitor your condition and collect study data.

Who can participate?

Patients with atrial fibrillation and at risk for stroke are invited to learn more.​

Patients with atrial fibrillation and at risk for stroke are invited to learn more

Dr. Richard Tytus is the Director and Principal Investigator at Premier Clinical Trial Network (PCTN)
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